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Notable scientific research achievements and publications:

A micro-scale, biophysics based, communication channel model for information transmission in the blow fly photoreceptor [Paper] and silicon photoreceptors [Invited Paper]; rate vs temporal coding tradeoffs in neural systems [Paper]; a theory of axonal spike communication under energy constraint [Paper]; theoretical derivation and generalization of Fisher discriminants in the maximum likelihood framework for heteroscedastic models [Paper]; a generalized translinear principle for MOS transistors [Paper, IEEE T-CAS Darlington Best Paper Award]; a theory of parallel processing under physical constraints, i.e. the formulation and generalization of Amdahl's law as a cost function that incorporates parallelism, and the constraints of delay, energy and physical extend in computing machinery for homogeneous [Paper] and heterogeneous multiprocessors [Paper]; miniature atomic magnetometer [Paper]; computational modeling of the physics of heart murmurs [Paper].

Notable engineering research achievements and publications:

Systematic study for mismatch in small size MOS transistors [Paper]; charge based computational circuits using floating gate transistors [Paper]; silicon on sapphire optoelectronic microsystems [Paper]; a 15Mhz Pentacene Zinc-oxide rectifier [Paper]; the first CMOS organic semiconductor inverter with optimum bias through threshold adjustment [Paper]; visualization and modeling of charge distribution in lateral organic transistors using a Kelvin probe [Paper]; the first truly autonomous chip-scale incubator [Invited Paper, IEEE T-BioCAS Best Paper Award]; a chip scale absolute atomic magnetometer [Paper]; a contrast sensitive silicon retina [Paper]; analog VLSI imaging acquisition and pre-processing system [Paper]; liquid crystal polarization camera [Paper]; the first integrated CMOS polarization sensitive imager [Paper]; silicon rods in standard foundry CMOS for single photon detection [Paper]; an all digital event based visible and infra-red imager system [Paper]; a floating gate MOS transistor microdosimeter for radiation dose measurement [Paper]; a large scale mixed analog/digital associative processor for character recognition [Paper]; analog VLSI silicon model of auditory processing [Paper] and an analog cochlear filterbanks [Paper] probabilistic encoding of analog weigths in a network of integrated and fire neurons (IFAT) [Paper]. Significant algorithmic research contributions for speech recognition include the vocal tract normalization technique [Paper] and heteroscedastic linear discriminant analysis (HLDA) for speech recognition [Paper]. Other algorithmic work and systems work: action recognition algorithms without a camera [Paper],[Paper], using the acoustic micro-doppler effect [Paper]; embedded visual processor for IoT [Paper]; Stethovest, a system for acoustic imaging of heart sounds [Paper, IEEE BioCAS Conference 2018 - 3rd Best Paper Award]; an FPGA multiprocessor architecture for Bayesian online change point detection [Paper]; historical perspective on hardware AI inference [Paper]; sparse coding using the locally competitive algorithm on the TrueNorth [Paper].